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Use your iPhone/iPad as a movable window amid 360º experiences. Teleport into scenic spots, landmarks, events, hotels and more. License the Sphere SDK to enable the integration of our record, view and share spherical photography technology in your apps and websites. Info:



Apple's Camera App: Video, Photos … and Panos!

Dan Smigrod

With Apple's upcoming iOS 7 release, panos have been elevated to the same prominence as photos and video. At its annual love-fest WWDC earlier this month, Apple revealed the four modes coming to its redesigned Camera app…

Video  |  Photo  |  Square  |  Pano
The new Square mode yields images similar to Instagram.

Including "Pano" recording here means hundreds of millions of iOS mobile device users will be exposed to the medium. Why "hundreds of millions?" Because Apple also revealed that:

  • 600 million iOS devices have been sold since inception; and
  • 93 percent of all iOS device use the latest iOS.

While we previously covered  how — in addition to Sphere — Apple, Microsoft, and Google (including Android OEMs Samsung, HTC and Sony) are promoting mobile panoramic photography; by elevating Pano to the same status as Video and Photo, Apple is now further validating the medium.

[Note: of these companies, only Sphere licenses its SDK to non–OEMs for full use in apps and websites.]

 Pano Option within iOS 7 Camera App

Pano Option within iOS 7 Camera App

The thing is; people want to view and share these immersive images – not just record them. The best experience can be found on the multi-award winning Sphere platform — but today, this requires a multi–step process if you prefer Apple's pano recording. Imagine the possibilities with direct–to–Sphere publishing from the Camera app. Much like posting photos to Instagram or videos to YouTube, one–tap publishing would free up more time for living in the moment. Immersive panos/spheres could even be posted directly within your tweets.

Well, we can dream. Who knows what the future has in store.