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Use your iPhone/iPad as a movable window amid 360º experiences. Teleport into scenic spots, landmarks, events, hotels and more. License the Sphere SDK to enable the integration of our record, view and share spherical photography technology in your apps and websites. Info:



Using Sphere at Stockholm International School

Dan Smigrod


Guest Sphere blog post by Andy Rhodes, Technology Integrator at Stockholm International School

At Stockholm International School, we have been experimenting with a wide variety of apps, including Sphere. As a school with over 60 nationalities in the student community, the free Sphere app appealed to me immediately as a way for students to share information about their countries of birth.

The grade one "Holiday" unit is one example of how Sphere has been used at the school. This activity consisted of transforming one grade one class into an airplane and another into a replica of Dubai. After a great intro where each student had their passport stamped before boarding the "plane", they then discussed what they expected to see upon "arrival" in Dubai.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 8.26.53 AM.png

Marked by a migration across the hallway to a second classroom, our students then entered a space filled with famous buildings, landmarks and snacks from Dubai. This is where our use of Sphere began.

This app allows students to remotely travel the world by viewing 360-degree images from different locations. We searched for Dubai before the lesson began to ensure the process would go smoothly. Working in pairs, our students clicked on the red pins throughout Sphere's map of Dubai.

It was great to hear our travelers comment on famous buildings and ask about the different language seen on shop fronts. The students were really excited and eager to share what they were looking at with each other. They also really enjoyed the viewing experience; with each movement of their iPads, different sections of the 360-degree images were displayed.

Using Sphere in our curriculum was great for maintaining student engagement! I look forward to using this app again to visit different parts of the world… both personally and with our students! 

Twitter: Andy Rhodes @andyrhodes_ | Stockholm International School @Tech_SIS


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