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Use your iPhone/iPad as a movable window amid 360º experiences. Teleport into scenic spots, landmarks, events, hotels and more. License the Sphere SDK to enable the integration of our record, view and share spherical photography technology in your apps and websites. Info:




Sometimes a moment is irreplaceable. Sometimes a place is inaccessible.

Photo and video only capture part of the story, making them poor substitutes.

We've developed teleportation so that you can be there, anywhere, anytime.




Recording Technology

Sphere provides an extensible, best-in-class recording technology that can be easily ported and adjusted to celebrate the strengths of any modern mobile device. This breakthrough technology is more accurate while recording — and produces higher quality results — than any other solution on the market.

Publishing Technology

A spherical image without the right means of delivery is just a flat photo. Because this standard format requires a special type of viewer, we also provide the world's leading, agnostic sphere delivery platform. Thanks to special integration with brands like Twitter, spheres are easily and natively introduced into any social dialogue, web page and more.

What is Your Sphere Strategy?


Spherical photography is at the center of the new photography battlegrounds. As hardware manufacturers look to differentiate themselves from the pack, advanced photo technologies (like spherical photography software) are a valuable part of any OEM strategy. In particular, spherical photography is a smart choice, as the technology is:
• Suddenly appearing in many consumer products, boosting consumer interest;
• Recently possible with current–gen mobile processors and camera sensors (evidencing hardware potential); and
• Growing in popularity as celebrities like Ryan Seacrest and brands such as American Idol promote spheres.

Among the formidable spherical recording solutions on the market, Sphere is trusted by brands such as Samsung and Sony. Reaching 67 M people by Q1 2014, Sphere is now rolling out as a preinstalled app on smartphones and smart cameras — and more often than not — is coming as a native mode within their camera apps too.

By integrating Sphere as a recording mode in native camera apps, consumers are offered a valuable and convenient, new way to use their devices. And by connecting this mode to the preinstalled Sphere app, this value extends to publishing — where they can view and share content with millions of other enthusiasts including their friends, favorite celebrities and organizations such as exotic travel destinations.

Only One Choice

Three companies deliver spherical image recording + publishing natively within mobile devices: Google, Microsoft and Sphere. Notably, Apple's continuous capture panoramic photography mode is not spherical or even cylindrical. Google's PhotoSphere can only be found preinstalled on Nexus smartphones. Meanwhile, Microsoft's Photosynth only comes preinstalled on Windows handsets. But what about the rest of us? How can a hardware manufacturer compete — and differentiate itself — in the spherical photography race? Sphere is the answer.

Backed by 20 pending patents, Sphere's solutions to optical tracking, image mapping, blending, processing, and its devotion to the user experience have earned our company notable recognition from the tech industry's most trusted publications.

"Truly impressive …significantly better than the competition."

— Engadget

"A viable alternative to Google's PhotoSphere."

— DP Review

Among these three technology providers, only Sphere:
• Licenses its recording technology to third-parties.
• Offers deep integration into native camera applications.
• Features continuous-capture scanning similar to Apple's panorama mode (but spherical instead).
 Includes an agnostic, social publishing platform.

Tailored to Perfection

Four qualities are tailored-to when optimizing Sphere for a particular handset. How our team leverages the strengths of these attributes is entirely up to the manufacturer. Care to play up your spherical processing speed as a point of differentiation? We can help you do that. Prefer to yield the world's highest resolution, smartphone-born spheres? That may be within reach too.


Any modern processor can support Sphere. However, with access to multiple cores, Sphere processing benefits from multi–threading.


Handsets with a minimum of 1 gigabyte of system memory are required. For the best recording experience, 2 gigabytes of total RAM is preferred.


Any image resolution may also be supported but 8 megapixel or greater is recommended. Also, the abilities to lock white balance and exposure are preferred.


Reliable magnetometer and gyro sensors are necessary. While absolute precision is not a must, at a minimum, gyro drift must not be severe.

Sphere Business Model

Sphere's publishing platform sometimes includes sponsored spheres alongside user generated content. These paid–placement spheres are always Sphere-approved to ensure the highest degree of quality, and are generally context aware to ensure they match a user's interests. By acknowledging that a good sphere holds real value to local and global brands, the Sphere app is able to remain free to download, free from subscriptions, and free from banner advertisements. At a 4.5 star rating in the iTunes App Store (iOS apps are the first to include sponsored spheres), it's clear that tastefully-included sponsored spheres have been well–received our audience. Plus, hardware manufacturers take note; sponsored spheres never appear within Sphere's deep-integrated recording technology, so your brand sanctity is maintained.


Calibration and optimization generally requires only a day's work. Let us know which devices you are considering integration for, and we will be happy to supply you with fine–tuned apks, ready for your evaluation.