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633 Battery Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94111

Use your iPhone/iPad as a movable window amid 360º experiences. Teleport into scenic spots, landmarks, events, hotels and more. License the Sphere SDK to enable the integration of our record, view and share spherical photography technology in your apps and websites. Info:




The Sphere iOS SDK allows you to

easily access spheres and integrate

our technology into your iOS app.



Sample App

Our SDK contains the following building blocks: 

HTTP API wrapper client to browse our content and upload and manage yours. 

Hardware accelerated OpenGL 360 panorama viewer with touch and real-time device motion controls 

Upload interface that encapsulates the complete publishing process into one simple modal screen flow 

3D capture interface integrating our memory optimized, cross-platform (C++) recording and stiching technology 

These libraries run on arm7, arm7s and arm64 processor architectures and are distributed within a .framework package for easy Xcode integration.