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633 Battery Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94111

Use your iPhone/iPad as a movable window amid 360º experiences. Teleport into scenic spots, landmarks, events, hotels and more. License the Sphere SDK to enable the integration of our record, view and share spherical photography technology in your apps and websites. Info:



Your Use of Our Products

TourWrist, Inc. is now Spherical, Inc. We welcome you to use Sphere's products to view and share others’ panoramic content, to create your own content, and even to market yourself as a photography service. You must use our apps, websites, embed code and other products and services (collectively, “Sphere Services”) as described in these terms, in any accompanying documentation, and on our website. If you don’t, we may delete your content, terminate your account, sue you, or report you to authorities.


Your Content

You must not use our products to do something that is illegal, actionable, violative of anyone’s rights, inauthentic, or intended to interfere with the normal operation of our products or our other users’ enjoyment of them. Sphere does not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, or images (collectively, "Content") that you upload or share on or through the Sphere Services. By displaying or publishing any Content on or through the Sphere Services, you hereby grant to Sphere (formerly TourWrist, Inc.) a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, worldwide, limited license to use, modify, delete from, add to, publicly perform, publicly display, reproduce and translate such Content, including without limitation distributing part or all of the Content in any media format through any media channel, except that all Content marked as "private" and all Content from accounts set to limited visibility will not be distributed outside the Sphere Services.

Other People’s Content

We do not reliably monitor or exercise editorial control over user-posted content. When using our products, you may encounter others’ content that you believe to infringe your copyright. If so, please refer to our Copyright Policy. You may also encounter others’ content that you find objectionable in other ways. You are welcome to report objectionable content to us, but we cannot guarantee that we will take any action in response, and we won’t be liable to you if we don’t. The user who posted the objectionable content may be liable to you, however. We leave that to be resolved between the two of you. If asked, we may help our users resolve disputes between them. Then again, we may not. You may not use other people’s content without their permission, other than in the ordinary course of your use of our products. Modifications to our products (including the Sphere SDK and embed code) are not considered “ordinary use.” Finally, if you rate or comment on other people’s content, you must be truthful.

Your Identity

When you use our products, we may collect and use data about you, as described in our Privacy Policy. Be sure you’re okay with that before you tell us things. We may display advertising on your profile page.


Sphere will only provide end user support via End users must submit a ticket to receive support. Sphere shall not be obligated to provide support via Facebook, Twitter, or (a Sphere website property), nor does Sphere offer end user phone support. Sphere's end user support hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 6:30 pm (Pacific Time). During this time, Sphere shall respond to all queries within 48 hours. Sphere can only support the use of its own products, and carries no obligation to support third–party plugins, software or hardware, even when used alongside Sphere products — unless Sphere expressly recognizes the use of it's products on or with third–party software or hardware (such as Samsung or Apple mobile devices). Sphere cannot offer support on customization of its products, assisting only with the smooth use of its products as they are intended to be used "out of the box." Anything that changes the way Sphere products look or function by default is considered customization. When reasonably possible, Sphere will do its best to offer advice and/or to direct end users to appropriate resources. 


We do not promise any particular results. We cannot guarantee any level of uninterrupted service. We are not obligated to keep our products running. We may discontinue any of them at any time. We may lose all your content. You should keep your own backups. Our products may include advertising and commercial content. We’re not responsible for any of that. Follow links to other websites at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any third–party products you purchase using our products. Our products are provided “as is” and we disclaim all warranties, express and implied, including fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability, and noninfringement. We won’t be liable to you for any reason. The most we can be ordered to pay you under any circumstances is the amount of money you have paid us in the prior 30 days. You will have no right to seek equitable relief against us. Should we have a dispute, let’s try to resolve it amicably and professionally. We don’t want to go to court and neither do you. But if we have to, it will be in San Francisco, California. If someone else sues us because of something you’ve done, thanks a lot. You must defend that suit for us at your expense.

If We Terminate Your Account

We can terminate your account or delete any of your content for any reason or no reason without notice. If we terminate your account, we will delete all your content. If we charge you fees for the use of any portion of our products and then we have to terminate your account because you have violated these terms, we won’t owe you a refund.

Code Attributions

We wish to show our appreciation to those open source code contributors who have helped us develop the Sphere platform. If you're interested, see our complete list of Code Attributions.

These Terms

These terms are governed and enforced by California law only. If we change these terms and you have consented to receiving notifications from us, we’ll notify you and you can decide whether to keep using our products subject to the changed terms.