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Use your iPhone/iPad as a movable window amid 360º experiences. Teleport into scenic spots, landmarks, events, hotels and more. License the Sphere SDK to enable the integration of our record, view and share spherical photography technology in your apps and websites. Info:




How to Use the Ricoh Theta

In addition to the attractively priced Motrr Galileo, it's possible to shoot automated or one-click spheres with other devices such as the Ricoh Theta. Already own a Theta? Here's how to post your spheres to Sphere.

  1. Turn on your Theta.
  2. Position your device upright, or mount it to a level tripod.
  3. If you're holding your theta, press the shutter button to shoot a sphere. To remote-capture spheres (perfect for tripod use), first turn on your Theta's wireless function, and select it's SDID from your smartphone's Wi-Fi settings. Then, within the bundled Theta app, tap the Theta logo in the menu bar to display its shooting screen, and tap the larger logo (on green screen) to shoot. Be sure that your mode is set to "No Postview." It is not necessary to save your spheres to your smartphone as doing so yields lower resolution results.
  4. Transfer your spheres to a computer by connecting your Theta with its included USB cable. When connecting to a Mac, iPhoto is a great solution. Windows users should follow the onscreen instructions. Once your transfer is complete, you can remove the USB cable. Optional: With spheres at the ready, you now have the option to edit them in a photo manipulation program of your choosing. Some find it helpful to use a sharpening filter for spheres captured with a Theta.
  5. To upload to the Sphere publishing platform, open a new browser window (Chrome, Safari or Firefox), and visit If you do not already have a Sphere account (free), create one before then logging into your profile where you can access Sphere's easy–to–use content management system. There, you can upload, edit, organize and publish an unlimited number of spheres. How to use the Sphere Manager »